Thursday, February 5, 2015

Don't Cut the Tea Bags

Girlfriends, I’m not always as smart as I look.  Ok…a little snickering from the crowd is alright…but whoever is belly laughing in the back of the audience may be going a bit too far…maybe…

I know.  I know.  Sometimes I just don’t have it together…at all.  One time comes to mind.  I remember being a newlywed…keeping house for my hubby…enjoying my domestic duties.  I was slowly and meticulously cutting each tea bag and letting the tea fall into my storage container when I felt a presence over my right shoulder.  Yep…there was Clay.  As newlyweds, this was a welcome presence.  I just knew we were in for some cuddle time…when instead…he just intently watched my activity.  I explained I was cutting the bags and collecting the tea so I could scoop and measure it out later to make sweet tea.  He stood silently looking on as if he had more to say, but wasn’t sure where to begin.  I continued cutting and collecting.  Finally, he put the words together and they came out something like this, “Why in the world wouldn’t you just use the tea bags to make tea?!!”  I rolled my eyes.  Men!  They have no clue.  Of course, I had to have loose tea, silly.  I couldn’t use tea bags.  I had to measure it out.  How else would I know how much to use???!!!  Besides, this is how my mom had done it for years and years and years.  If she did it, it was right.  He snickered and moved on as if to say “whatever”.

Mom came by the house a few days later and I chuckled as I related Clay’s newlywed blunder.  I was surprised when she out and out belly laughed.  Ok…I knew it was funny, but THAT funny?  As we giggled together, she decided to let me in on what made it so terribly, terribly funny to her.  She bought LOOSE LEAF tea...which meant she didn’t cut tea bags…or collect in a container…or anything I had been doing.  It came that way.  Had she bought the little bags…she would have simply used the bags.

Huh.  Well, howdy do.  Use the tea bags.  Hold that thought.  I think I need to go apologize to my hubby.  To which his reply was, “You’re cute.”  Meaning…there’s a cute face hiding that empty space behind it.  And at that moment, I couldn’t have agreed more. 

Girlfriends, instances like that make me wonder…how many things do I do every day just because that’s how I saw it done or said or lived?  What do I totally, whole-heartedly believe in simply because of mama or someone else?  Um…a LOT!  So, is that good or bad?  In the case of the cut tea bags, bad. 

Possibly that’s why the Bible says in 2 Timothy 2:15:

Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashasmed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

In matters of the kitchen, it’s funny when I follow someone else down a path and figure out I traveled that road for no apparent purpose.  But, in matters of life, it could mean everything.  So, that means I have to study…the Scriptures…for myself.  I can’t listen to anyone…even those nearest and dearest.  Scriptures have only one meaning.  And I have to find that meaning.  If I don’t do this for myself, I could follow someone else’s interpretation down a road that seems right, but is totally wrong.

I have to figure out how to make tea…and life…correctly.  And I challenge you as well…don’t cut the tea bags…and study your Bible for yourself.

Quietly gentled,


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